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Inside and Outside the Courtroom

Since almost all cases are settled before trial, you deserve an early and honest evaluation of your downside risks and upside potential by a knowledgeable and qualified trial attorney. Having argued, presented evidence, and engaged in fact finding in hundreds of cases in many forums, venues, and jurisdictions, you can be confident Mr. Antrim will provide you with the very best representation in the courtroom regardless of the amount in controversy or the awe-inspiring nature of the adversary.

Mr. Antrim will tap into his unsurpassed resources in Minnesota and around the country to match and exceed those of the other side, while making sure he doesn't bankrupt your companies in the process. Smart outsourcing of legal support services means an end to three or more lawyer "trial teams" and the cost and duplication they imply. When greater resources are required, Mr. Antrim will personally help select the specialists and experts you need, and keep a watchful eye on their activity and cost for you.

Inside and Outside the Boardroom

Many small and mid-size companies choose not to employ in-house counsel. Many Minnesota companies and some outside the state choose to utilize Mr. Antrim as outside general counsel for their companies. Independence means straight answers: not always the ones you want to hear, but the ones you need to hear. When larger firm lawyers need to be consulted, Mr. Antrim will recommend the attorney you need, not the law firm you don't need. No more billings by several attorneys from the same firm for the same services. No more getting bounced down from senior partner to junior partner to associate without meaningful consultations. No more guessing who these people are whose names only show up on your bills. No more paying for training. No more guessing about how much time each of these people billed you for work which one of them could and should have done alone.

Need an independent attorney inside or outside your boardroom to help you make the right legal decisions at a price your companies can afford? Call Mr. Antrim for a free initial consultation now.