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"He means business"
2018 Top Rated Lawyers®: Commercial Litigation by Corporate Counsel and The American Lawyer Magazines
•Civil Trial Specialist
•Over 40 years experience as a lawyer
•Admitted in good standing: Federal, Eighth Circuit, and Minnesota Courts
•Business Litigation, Contracts, Corporate, Disputes, Transactions, Employment
•Serves as Outside General Counsel
•Representing Plaintiffs, Defendants
•Qualified Neutral Arbitrator
George Antrim grew up in Breckenridge, Minnesota, with his hero Perry Mason on the T.V. He wanted to grill the guilty person into confession (who always happened to be on the stand or at least in the courtroom), and free his innocent client, just like Perry when he started practicing law. In 1980, he began with a personal injury firm in Duluth, Minnesota. He also started growing a criminal practice, and he even won some acquittals. When he realized if this kept up, all his clients would be criminals, he moved back to Minneapolis and started representing businesses and select individuals in court. The rest is history.

When possible, Mr. Antrim will advise you to keep out of the courtroom. The courtroom is always risky and expensive. On the other hand, if your matter does go to court, Mr. Antrim will bring his wealth of trial experience and representing businesses into the courtroom for your benefit.
Mr. Antrim has made claims and defended companies in all types of business matters and business litigation including:
•internal investigations
•shareholder disputes
•professional negligence
•officer and director liability cases
•unfair competition cases
•trade secrets
•errors and omissions
•labor litigation
•duty matters
•family business matters
•collection and defense
•insurance claims

If Mr. Antrim does not think he is the lawyer for your case, he will tell you. If you want him to, he will help you locate and secure the best legal talent available anywhere in the world for your particular matter. He will see your case through to the end, either handling it himself or recommending the right attorney (not law firm) to handle it for you.
You may think you've been hiring the big law firms, but you are really hiring individual lawyers, one at a time. Are you convinced all the best lawyers for all your matters happen to be housed in one shop?

The focus of Mr. Antrim's practice is in the following counties: